At Sun Valley Surgical we make cost-effective care a high priority. Many procedures that are performed can be either done in the office or hospital setting. In general, the office setting is much less expensive than the hospital for obvious reasons – overhead, staff, drug and equipment mark-ups, etc. A common example is that many insurance policies do not cover the anesthetic portion of a colonoscopy or EGD in the hospital, leaving the patient to pay several hundred additional dollars on top of the procedure cost.

In most situations we can give you an accurate estimate of what a procedure will cost in the office and enable you to compare for yourself what the procedure would cost in the hospital. We will help you determine what your out-of-pocket cost would be both in the office and in the hospital so that you can make a more rational financial decision.

Sun Valley Surgery and Endoscopy

Colonoscopy with polypectomy$2000*

*Includes anesthesia and surgery fee

St. Lukes Magic Valley Surgery Center

St.Lukes ProviderOther Provider
Colonoscopy with polypectomy$9587$8373*

*Does not include surgeon’s fee

St.Lukes Wood River

Colonoscopy with polypectomy$9587*

*Does not includes anesthesia fee

Sawtooth Surgery Center

Colonoscopy with polypectomy$2500-3200

*Includes anesthesia and surgeons fee